adidas Racket World Padel Padel Soft Performance

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  • ★ Smart holes, the equidistant arrangement of the holes in groups of three strengthens the surface improving the durability of the raquetes.
  • ★ Adult pad of 2018 designed for the intensive player who wants to achieve maximum comfort.
  • ★ Fiberglass cup, the complete fiberglass composition gets maximum comfort and offers you the perfect kick.
  • ★ 100% satisfaction guaranteed - ask with confidence. We are so confident that your c will love adidas World PADEL TOUR RACKET. We offer 18 months 100% money back guarantee. No need to compare, stop browsing and order now. Enjoy the race. !
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  • ★ You want - A, comfortable shovel designed to achieve maximum comfort in the court. 

    ★ Needs - The complete fiberglass composition gets maximum comfort. 

    ★ You want - Maximum comfort, maximum performance and perfect balance for more control and maximum durability. 

    ★ You get: the maximum of your skills and performance of all your shots. 

    ★ Smart covers are specially designed to improve durability. 

    ★ The EVEN balance provides a large sweet spot, centered on the core of the blade. It allows a great control of the ball and handling, which allows you to direct the photos with great precision. 

    ★ Designed for intensive players who want to get the best performance in each shot.

    ★ Ask with confidence, 100% money back guarantee. We are so confident that you will love the Adidas World PADEL 2018 backpack. We offer a 18 month 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply go back through Amazon. No need to compare, stop browsing and order now. Buy it! ! 


    ★ Format: Rounde 
    ★ Level: Intensive 
    ★ FREQUENCY: Regular. 
    ★ Balancing: Even 10,433 in. 
    ★: List: 1.496 in 
    ★: Length: 17.913 in. 
    ★ Surface: 488 cm2